Critical Mindset To Master the Skill of Asking For Referrals


Many Financial Advisors and Reps struggle with the skill of asking for Referrals.  They tend to ask more when they have low open inventory or when they want to hit a year end goal or a contest.  Maybe you can relate.

What stops you from asking and why is this skill so difficult? 

Some Advisors/Reps will tell me they run out of time during the meeting.  Then I ask them if they ever run out of time to fill out an application, and they laugh and say no.  The truth is that asking for Referrals is uncomfortable because it makes you vulnerable to negative comments or thoughts or rejection:


What if they say no?

What if they now view me as a “salesman?”

I am very successful, and people come to me.  I do not have to ask for new clients.

What if they refuse to work with me because I am asking for Referrals?


When you ask for a Referral, you are putting yourself in a VULNERABLE position.  Yes, your client or prospect may tell you they do NOT give referrals.  Or they may now view you as a “salesman” or refuse to do business with you.  All of this may occur, but I ask you one question: 

Do you believe in your mission to help people?

It is critical that you know in your heart and soul how you help people.  When you ask with the thought of helping more people, then your mindset will keep you asking.  When you ask and fear what people will think about you or fear rejection, then you will stop asking.  It really is that simple.

Think about this scenario.  I ask you to help me fundraise to help children who are sick, and you agree to help.  Your job is to ask your clients, friends, and family for money to help these children.  Now if a client and friend say NO…do you fear what they think of you?  Or would you wonder why they will not help sick children?  I am guessing the latter.  Why…because the mission to help sick children is in your heart and mind when you are asking.  The mission is NOT about you! 

The mission in your business is NOT about you.  It is about helping individuals and families protect what they cannot afford to lose, save on taxes, plan for retirement, and/or invest in their future.  YOUR WORK HELPS PEOPLE!

To help you strengthen your belief ask yourself the following question:  How does my work make a difference in people’s lives, and why does that matter?  Then start asking for Referrals because that is how you impact more people’s lives! 

Yes, to make a bigger difference in the world you must become vulnerable.  But, when you believe in your Mission and how you help people, then asking becomes easy.


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