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A One-Year Program of collaboration, leadership training, coaching, cutting edge ideas.

Do you know how to play to win?

Welcome to my coaching playground. My mission is to help you exceed your business and financial goals---and ultimately, to achieve your DREAM LIFE.

But in order to do that you MUST understand how to

As a former Division I Volleyball player and Head Coach of a nationally rated track team and women’s college basketball team, and for more than 20 years a top business coach with a track-record of creating six and seven-figure success stories, I have spent a LOT of time analyzing the idea of what “Winning” really means…
on the court, in business AND in life.

Here’s what I know:
In business, WINNING begins with a mindset. If you believe you can, you are right. If you believe you cannot, you are right. Belief is a choice. I understand that on your road to success you will “fall down” many times. It is not falling down that will lead to failure. It is not GETTING BACK UP that will lead to failure.

You must learn how to develop a CAN DO mentality, no matter what happens. Falling down and not being perfect is part of the game of sports and business. Learning how to keep MENTALLY TOUGH is a skill and muscle that must be practiced every day.

The day-to-day reality for many entrepreneurs:
For many, the day-to-day reality of running a business looks VERY different. Long hours, endless to-do lists, high stress levels and lack of support are taking their toll. They work IN their business and not ON their business. They never practice the basic skills and develop the business systems they need to grow their business. Instead of building their business dream, they slowly arrive at a chilling realizing that they have created their own worst business nightmare.

But it does not have to be like this…there is a BETTER way!

This is the place where you will learn the PLAY TO WIN strategies and skills, business systems, and mindset to escape the endless treadmill of working IN your business rather than ON your business. You can stop being your own slave. Get your life back AND make more income than ever before. It is easier than you think.

I invite you to join me!

I will teach you how to develop the mindset of a gold medal Olympic athlete. I will help you understand what you need to do and focus on everyday that will help you achieve your dream. I will help you change the patterns and habits that are stopping you from being successful. We will evaluate your business systems and strategies to make certain they are leading to WINNING THE GAME…
your Dream Life.

We will laugh and cry together. You will fall down many times but, you will learn to always get up. I will help you believe in your greatness and your dream.

I will teach you how to build a business with an “A Team” and business systems so you can enjoy your life.

I will teach you how to become a great leader for your business.
I invite you to join me and learn how to PLAY TO WIN.

Let me help you live your Dream Life!

“Andrea came highly recommended as the type of no nonsense tough coach that we needed to whip our team into shape. The four day office make over was truly eye opening. As a result of her work, we immediately upgraded and streamlined work flow, improved planning, unified the company AND broke down the barriers between teams. For all the above and MORE we are indebted to Andrea’s efforts and results.“

​David Halper, Managing Principal
Paradigm Financial Partners
A Wealth Management Company
Westport, CT

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