Praise for Andrea’s Innovative Play to Win Business Coaching

“For over 10 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea Bullard as she coaches several of my Financial Representative study groups. In addition, Andrea has been extremely helpful to many of them individually in setting up systems for administration, marketing and staffing. Andrea has the unique ability to deliver messages that our Reps. need to hear, in a professional, caring and consultative manner. Her energy is infectious and her communication is to the point. I would highly recommend Andrea as a professional business coach and/or speaker, to any individual or business that is looking to maximize performance.”

James Nemec
CLU, Managing Partner, Retired
Nemec Agency LLC, NMFN, New York, NY

“Andrea Bullard is an extraordinary executive coach. I began my professional relationship with her when my field was in a cyclical downturn. Andrea was extremely helpful in keeping me motivated and helping me to prepare plans so I would be well situated for the upswing. In fact, with her help, things have turned out far better than I could have imagined. I recommend Andrea highly as someone who can help you reach your full potential.”

Richard E. Mikels, Esq.
Partner & Chairman, Retired
Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C., Attorneys, Boston, MA

“Andrea Bullard is one of the foremost experts in the financial services space on business development and practice management systems. While the complexity of building a financial planning practice continues to increase, her Turn-Key Office system is the solution to organization and increasing business efficiency.”

Joey Davenport, CLU, CLF, CLTC
The Hoopis Performance Network, Chicago, IL

“Working with Andrea has streamlined my business model and created efficient and effective procedures in growing my practice. Andrea is very innovative and has a phenomenal understanding of the insurance and investment business. She truly has made a difference in helping take my practice to the next level and continues to help my team implement new ideas to make us better. I would recommend Andrea to anyone who has the opportunity to work with her. As long as you listen to her and follow her system, she will change you for the better.”

Thomas J. Goes
Northwestern Mutual, Greater Orlando

“Andrea Bullard is a superb business coach. She is very accommodating in structuring a flexible plan for assistance and flawlessly delivers on her promise. She has excellent instincts, great communication skills and is a pleasure to work with. She was invaluable in developing improvements to both the content and delivery of my sales presentation. I strongly recommend Andrea’s services to those seeking professional business coaching from an experienced and effective coach.”

Paul Weiss
Vice-President Strategic Marketing Services
Equifax, Wakefield, MA

“Andrea has been a great coach, confident and friend for many years. She is not only challenging and, insightful, but also patient and understanding. Her enthusiastic support as helped me grow professionally as well as personally, and I remain most grateful. Andrea has helped me maintain my focus on Forum level production, while still managing my office responsibilities. Andrea’s relentless harping on the fundamental factors affecting our business, like phoning and referrals, are her greatest strengths.”

Dave Hachey, CLU, ChFC
Managing Director
The Hachey Financial Group, New York, NY

“I originally hired Andrea to do an “office makeover” to help me flow better at work. From the time she walked in my door I could tell that I liked her style, and she could tell that I needed help.
She has taken on the responsibility of trying to get me better in my business, and let me tell you, there were not a lot of folks standing in line for that job … (I’m somewhat independent and talk back some). Andrea’s coaching is really what I needed and am going to constantly need for a very long time. She helps me. She understands me. She cares about my business and my family. She is so much more than a coach to me and my business. She’s a part of me and my business now. She cares. I strongly recommend an “office makeover”, and then just sit and watch what happens to your business.”

Sam Law, CLU
Lubbock, TX

“Andrea Bullard was very instrumental in organizing our shared services team. After two days of hard work the cubicles for three office administrators and 7 representatives were well on their way to completion. Andrea gave us the necessary tools and initial training to start this new program off successfully. We now have systems in place to be able to support this number of reps and more in the future.”

James R. Effner, Jr.
Managing Partner
The Effner Financial Group, Chicago, IL

“I’m writing this letter as an endorsement for Andrea Bullard and her organization. I’ve worked with Andrea for the past 8 years in the capacity as a client of hers. I’m a Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Management Advisor in New York City. Andrea has demonstrated a true understanding of both the sales cycle of our business but also the practice management piece of the financial services world. Her approach integrates the “WHY” part of the business as well as honing basic skill sets. From my 15 years in the financial services business, I have never met a coach or consultant who has been able to integrate a true appreciation and understanding of both sides of our business than Andrea Bullard. Andrea was an integral piece in the development of my practice and in my estimate deserves industry acclaim as one of the best of breed consultants. Whether you are a new representative in the business or a successful veteran representative, Andrea truly can connect and impact your practice.”

Michael S. Schwartz, CFP
Pioneer Financial, Wealth Management Advisor
New York, NY

“Andrea asks the “tough questions” that we need and guides us to the answers or how to find the answers. She keeps us on purpose and focused to the goals and issues that are important. She is the BEST I have ever worked with in my 40+ years.”

Calvin D. Biggers, CLU, ChFC
Northwestern Mutual
Little Rock, AR

“The most improved area is my continual focus on thinking bigger. Even as an agent early in the business, I always hoped my business would produce at a high level, but sometimes, you need the reassurance that what you hope for is actually going to happen. I think this has been a very valuable aspect of the coaching process. In 2006, I have experienced about a 50% increase in my business. I think Andrea’s biggest strength is her positive and upbeat nature. Being a financial representative is a very draining business emotionally. Even the best representatives are successful 30-35% of the time and it is very difficult to keep positive. Andrea is a very positive and uplifting person.”

Thomas W. Swartout, FR
Northwestern Mutual
Pittsburgh, PA

“Andrea is an amazing presenter and an even better coach and consultant who help’s advisors get more organized, efficient and productive. She has a powerful no nonsense approach to helping anybody she works with get even greater traction in their business. If you want to be more productive and get your life back you need to work with Andrea.”

Machen MacDonald, Speaker, Author & Founder
ProBrilliance Leadership Institute

“Andrea is one of the most skilled coaches in the financial services industry that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has a broad understanding of not only our client advisory cycle, but is well suited to oversee and help representatives with the creation of office systems with great precision. I feel she’s a terrific asset to emerging & established representatives looking to take their practices to another level.”

Stephen Schwartz, CFP, AIF
Pioneer Financial, Wealth Management Advisor
New York, NY

“I can’t say enough about the impact Andrea Bullard and the Turn Key Office System has had on my business. We went from an unstructured office where we often “reinvented the wheel” each time we processed something to implementing a tried and true “system” for everything. The impact has been twofold: First, from a production standpoint, with Andrea’s help we were able to achieve “The Most Improved” in the McTigue Agency for 2008. Second, from a piece of mind perspective, I know that my staff is taking care of everything so I can focus on seeing and helping clients which is what I enjoy most. Reading the Turn Key Office System helped my business, getting the Office Makeover helped my business a ton, but the weekly ongoing coaching with Andrea has proven invaluable. I would recommend Andrea and her book to anyone wanting to make a significantly positive impact on their business.”

Kevin Willoughby, CLU, CFP
The McTigue Financial Group, Northwestern Mutual
Chicago, IL

“When Andrea told me about what an “office makeover” was my expectations were high and she met them. It really has improved our staff’s communication with me as well as improved out overall organization. It really is, as she says, a “turn-key operation”. Thanks Andrea!!”

Dan Megaludis, FR
Northwestern Mutual 
Export, PA

“Andrea was able to tailor her knowledge to my practice and help me focus and stay accountable to what’s important. I have seen a 100% production increase since hiring her. She helped me think bigger, hire good staff, and develop multiple income streams.”

Chuck Andrews, FR
Northwestern Mutual
Birmingham, AL

“You’ve helped me transform myself from a sole practitioner to a business owner, which has been my dream for the entirety of my career. My production has increased significantly while my personal life has flourished. My business has formed into a cohesive team, which continues to grow now on a national basis…Thank you for everything you’ve done. Go forward and share yourself with the world. There are many that need you.”

Richard A. Pope, President and CEO
Applied Financial Group
Woodbury, NY

“I recently learned that during the past year, the Hearst Agency led the entire Northwestern Mutual in two significant ways — policy persistency and new commissions generated. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, this is a first; it would appear as if no other Agency had every accomplished this during the entire history of the Company. I want to thank you for your help and support. I know that your efforts have contributed to our success.”

Peter S. Hearst, CLU, ChFC, Retired Managing Partner
The Hearst Agency, Northwestern Mutual
New York, NY, January 2000