The Turn-Key Office System©

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Your Key to More Profit with Less Stress Lies Within the Turn-Key Office System©

turn key office systemAndrea Bullard understands that the best businesses in the world need to have the best office systems. Based on more than 20 years of experience helping top producers to generate multiple six and seven figure incomes, she created The Turn-Key Office System©, a formula specifically designed to help financial representatives in the insurance and investment industry to escape the money wasting time-traps in their business, enjoy more income and free time, and elevate to the next level of success.

This straight talking ‘how to’ book spills the beans on everything from foolproof systems for filing, to proven systems for hiring the RIGHT staff to support you when and where you need it most.

In the palm of your hand you will finally hold the knowledge which allows you to achieve a ‘paperless desk’, gives you the ability to pull up an executive overview of your business with the click of the computer mouse, and most important of all, you’ll know how to put a STOP to the endless treadmill of busy-work that has kept you a slave to your business… so you can get back to doing what you do best — calling and seeing people.

You’ll get:

  • Bullard Hiring System
  • Turn-Key Manual
  • Filing System
  • Exact Order
  • Executive Summary Logs – These 8 logs are on a computer disc to be downloaded onto your computer. They will give you a visual overview and accountability system for your staff, cases, underwriting, customer service, client review appointments, policy deliveries and more. The majority of financial reps do not know what is happening in their business without asking their staff. Their staff will put case notes in a client file, and answer customer service questions, and perform daily tasks, but most financial reps do not have visual accountability for their work. These logs give you visual accountability and allow you to perform the CEO function of overseeing the office.
  • Sample Employee Office Manual – Now you can have your own company office manual without going through hours and days of writing. This manual is on a disc and has specific sections for you to custom-design to meet your company’s needs. It covers such areas as office hours, vacations, sick leave, internet policies, sexual harassment policies and more. At the end of the manual there is a page for your staff to sign indicating they have read the document and agree to follow all your company policies.

The book will walk you through a step-by-step process to implement the entire system.

Each book arrives complete with CD which includes your personal copy of these high-value downloads: the Bullard Executive Summary Logs©, Sample Employee Office Manual, and sample Employment Application.

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The ‘Referral Skill System’ Book

referral skill systemEvery financial rep in the insurance and investment industry knows that referrals are the lifeblood of a thriving business BUT only a few knew how maximize every opportunity to double or even triple the amount of business you win through referrals… until Now!

This book details Andrea Bullard’s own complete referral system, the same one she’s used to fuel a 20 year high-profile career in the industry on word-of-mouth alone!

Included inside:

  • Sample language and EXACT phrases from some of the top producers in the industry
  • Details on how to research, including web sites to find names of top doctors, attorneys, and professionals
  • Explanation and details on how to use the Market Research Kits
  • Top websites for marketing
  • How to create your own referral system and language
  • Sample Feeder Categories from top producers in the industry
  • Objections and exact language on what to say in response
  • And much, much more…

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Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders

A must-read for every aspiring or current female leader!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 7.57.56 AMWritten with an international perspective by coaches, consultants and leadership experts from the U.K., Iran, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Singapore, and the U.S.A. including Karen Mertes, Andrea Bullard, Janice Riley, Dr. Fariba Parsa, Dr. Mariarose Nava, Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, Donna J. Spina, Ilene Fisher, Elisabetta Franzoso, Rita Rocker, Julie Jakopic, Dr. Catherine Barnes, Rebecca McCord, Valerie Dwyer, Janice Simpson, and Cheryl Watts.

Topics include the power of emotional intelligence, authentic leadership skills, business communication, risk-taking and navigating your career, commanding your destiny, and more! The global perspective within this powerful book will empower women internationally on many levels of leadership both personal and professional.


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