VIP Day with Andrea

Andrea Bullard & Company

Spend a half or full day with Andrea to get clear on what you need to do to take your business to the next level.

Imagine taking months or even years of frustration, or wrong moves, poor hires, poor leadership, which causes loss of revenue from your business?

Andrea Bullard & Company

How would you feel if ONE IDEA OR THOUGHT could expedite your business to the next level of success and eliminate years of pain? How would your life change if you could create a business where you could go away for one month on vacation and still make money?

Here’s what her clients say about Andrea…

Andrea Bullard & Company

“I originally hired Andrea to do an “office makeover” to help me flow better at work. From the time she walked in my door I could tell that I liked her style, and she could tell that I needed help.
She has taken on the responsibility of trying to get me better in my business, and let me tell you, there were not a lot of folks standing in line for that job … (I’m somewhat independent and talk back some). Andrea’s coaching is really what I needed and am going to constantly need for a very long time. She helps me. She understands me. She cares about my business and my family. She is so much more than a coach to me and my business. She’s a part of me and my business now. She cares. I strongly recommend an “office makeover”, and then just sit and watch what happens to your business.”

Sam Law

Sam Law Financial, LLC Lubbock, TX

Andrea Bullard & Company

Andrea Bullard is an extraordinary business coach who goes far beyond just working on improving the entrepreneur/business-owner’s business. She understands the interconnection between business and personal and how important balance and consistency are in life. If you are out of whack in one area it impacts the other. She deeply cares about her clients and develops a level of trust and connection with them. Andrea also knows to make real change the entire business team needs to be engaged. Andrea has created systems (which you will find in her book) that work. It is essential to build a “plug and play” environment that is not overly reliant on face time with key people. This is why she is proponent of videotaping and developing teaching videos for new hires to be onboarded and brought up to speed.

As a coach, she is always a step ahead. We had a series of business coaches before Andrea and we replaced them every 18-24 months because they had outlived their usefulness. They had a few business tools and didn’t continue to grow and evolve. We are now in our 6th year of working with Andrea. She is committed to change and evolving with the times. She understands the importance and value of keeping everyone on the team focused on growth, to buy into a unified vision and be aligned.

David G. Halper

Managing Principal Paradigm Financial Partners Westport, CT

One VIP Mastermind Day with Andrea has the power to change your life.

The thinking, ideas, planning and new business strategies discussed during a VIP Day could change your business in seconds. One VIP day could help you remove emotional obstacles and thereby, change the direction of your business.

Andrea Bullard & Company

Business does not have to be so hard. You do not have to be alone anymore.

Make a decision and book a VIP Mastermind Day with Andrea.