A Powerful Referral Strategy. It’s not what you think…

Referrals is still the #1 method to grow a wealth management practice.  Therefore, mastering the skill of asking for Referrals is critical for Financial Advisors/Reps who want to grow their business. Practicing your language, overcoming objections, feeder categories, generating feed lists etc. are part of this skill.  Every piece needs to be practiced and mastered.

But there is one component that can be overlooked and not discussed.  This component is critical if you are going to get referrals from a prospect and/or client.  That component is what I will call…Sincere Interest. 

Sincere Interest starts when you first shake the hand of a prospect or say “hi” on a Zoom call.   Are you sincerely interested in this individual as a person?  Do you look them in the eyes with a sincere smile? Are you asking them questions about their life, interests, hobbies, work?  Are you trying to get to know them as a person OR are you trying to engage “small talk” so you can get into the Fact Finder to open a case?  There is a difference and people can sense or feel that difference when they are speaking with you.

When you go into a meeting with the intentions of getting to know this person, and truly connecting with them as a caring human being, you will build rapport and trust.  Great, positive rapport and trust are feelings you want every prospect and client to have about you.  When people trust and like you, they will give you referrals.  They will introduce you to their colleagues, family and friends.  When people feel and know you care about them, they will care about you and want to help you.

Conversely, if you fail to build rapport and trust then you will struggle with getting referrals.  Talking about your accomplishments, titles and greatness will not grow your relationships.  Sincerely caring about your prospects and clients is the key.  Asking them questions about their trips, dogs, golf game etc. is critical to creating a strong relationship where they feel and know YOU CARE about them.

If you want more referrals…start sincerely caring about your prospects and clients.  Make Sincere Interest the #1 item on every meeting agenda.  Challenge yourself to get highly skilled at truly caring about people and getting to know them.  Then watch your referrals start to grow!




Friday, April 1, 2022


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