A “Blind Spot” That May Be Preventing You From Receiving Referrals


Blind spots are those things we cannot see in our life.  In business we would be wise to understand and look for those blind spots.  I would like to point out one blind spot that shows up repeatedly for some Financial Advisors asking for referrals.  Let’s name this blind spot:  Lack of Belief.

Belief in your work and mission are key components to getting referrals.  Can you articulate with passion how your work changes your client’s life?  Can you articulate how your work makes a difference in the world?  Why does your work matter?  Are you passionate about your answer, or are you just reading words that you memorized?

Passion and belief come from inside our hearts and minds.  When we are passionate about something or someone, we exude that passion with our words, tone and body language.  Your friends, family, clients and prospects will feel and know when you are speaking from a place of passion.  Have you ever had someone say to you, “Wow, you are really passionate about that subject!”  When you were speaking they could see and “feel” your passion.

We “feel” this passion and belief in individuals.  Let me state it in a different way:  Do you know when a dog is about to bite you?  Dogs do not say…I am going to bite you.  But we get the feeling they are going to bite us by their growl, showing of their teeth, ears in the air, and fur rising on the back of their neck.  Our feelings come from the tone of the growl and the non-verbal cues.  The dog is totally committed to either biting us or getting us to back off.  We sense their feelings.

The same is true when you are asking for a referral.  The client/prospect will “feel” your passion and commitment, or “feel” your lack of passion and lack of commitment.  Also, they will “feel” your fear.  That is why people hesitate to give you referrals or say…Let me think about it.

Now ask yourself…how does my work make a difference in the world?  How am I impacting people?  Am I passionate about my work?  Then rate yourself on your level of passion.  If you want to get more referrals, raise your level of passion to a 10!



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