Never give in, Never, Never, Never”…1941, Winston Churchill


There are times in our life when world events occur that can change the course of our personal lives, business, country and the world.  This is one of those times.  The coronavirus threatens our personal lives, threatens lives of people we love, threatens our communities, and threatens our businesses.  Most of us are not prepared either personally or professionally.  So let me help you.

First, now is the time to choose to lead and get determined to declare victory and beat this threat.  If you get discouraged go back into history and read about Winston Churchill who led England to “never give in, never, never, never!”  Against all odds he led England to fight and get determined to beat Hitler.  That too was a historic time for Churchill, England and the world.  It took brave men and women to lead the world to victory, many times against great odds.

Now it is your turn.  You must first lead your staff to get determined to not only survive but win and achieve your goals.  This will take belief, determination, collaboration, thinking, and focus.  Come into work with a “positive focus” and work together.  If you are all working from home then have 2-3 team meetings during the day to stay personally connected, communicate, and remain positive.  You, the leader, must keep your team positively focused on an action plan and always focusing on a positive future.  Yes, there will be obstacles and difficult times, but that does not define or determine your future success.

Next, you must lead your clients by becoming a “sounding board” to resolve their problems and listen to their fears and anxieties.  You and your team should give them great service and a focus on the future.  Help them believe they too can not only survive but thrive in the future.  Take the time to truly listen, care, think and problem solve.

Third, you must take care of your family who have a “new reality” of life.  Social distancing, restaurants and bar closing, hotels closing, countries closing their borders and trips being canceled.  We cannot go to the movies on Saturday night or attend a great party.  We cannot invite our friends over for a Friday night wine tasting.  The Boston Marathon, professional basketball and baseball games are all cancelled.  The world, as we know it, has shut down and we do not know when it will reopen.


Here is my guide for you, your clients and your family.  You must create a “new world” and way of living.  The following are some ideas:


We all have projects we have wanted to finish.  The following are examples:

  • Organizing your garage and/or outdoor shed.
  • Cleaning out your basement.
  • Painting your bedroom or bathroom.
  • Cleaning out your closet.
  • Fixing your patio.
  • Refinishing your basement.
  • Cleaning your kitchen cabinets.
  • Organizing your family photos.
  • ETC.

Now is the time to pick ONE project and decide to finish it within the next few weeks.  When that project is done, then start a new project.  These projects will eliminate boredom.  Next, they will make you feel GREAT after you finish them.  We have all stated we “wish we had more time to finish our projects.”  Well, you now have the time.

Learn Something New:

Learning new things in like opening up “new worlds.”  We all have the internet where we can find free or paid online courses to learn.  Also, you can go on U-Tube and watch free videos on how to do just about anything.  The following are some ideas for learning for the entire family:

  • Photography
  • Gardening.
  • Cooking.
  • Baking.
  • Learn how to Ballroom Dance.
  • Learn how to Polka.
  • Learn how to Irish Dance.
  • Singing.
  • Playing Piano.
  • Playing Guitar, flute, violin, etc.
  • How to give a Ted Talk.
  • Sewing.
  • Paining.
  • How to use Quick Books.

Exercise:  Walk, Run, Life Weight, Online Fitness Videos

Keeping your body strong and fit is a key element to becoming a Top Performer and better leader and/or parents.  You can create an individual and/or family plan to exercise during the week and on weekends.  The following are some ideas on ways to exercise:

  • Run/Walk outside alone or with a friend (social distance rules apply.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Join Online Fitness Classes.
  • Lift hand weights.
  • Walk/run with your baby stroller.
  • Workout on home exercise equipment.
  • Clean your own house/apartment.
  • Join an online group of friends and exercise together.
  • Walk on the beach.
  • Hike in the woods or mountain.
  • 100 stomach crunches every day.
  • Push-ups.
  • Stretching.
  • Yoga online.
  • Pilates online.

Cooking:  cook “special meals” on Friday or Saturday.

You could cook alone or with a friend/spouse or include your entire family.  Since you have the time you could cook meals that you have NEVER cooked before but would love to eat.  Challenge yourself and your family.  These meals could be breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Also, you could include special deserts to end the meal.  The following are some ideas:

  • Romantic breakfast in bed.
  • Children’s breakfast.
  • Breakfast at the beach.
  • Breakfast at the park or campgrounds.
  • Lunch with a friend at the park.
  • Lunches from various countries.
  • Online dinner with friends.
  • List your favor dishes and make them.
  • Bake breads.
  • Bake pies, cakes, cookies.
  • Cook fudge and candy.
  • Cook food from around the world.

Learn a New Game:  Boardgames, Cards, Family Games

Learning how to play new games could open up another area of entertainment and fun in your life.  You could play a game online with other people or online.  You could play a game with a friend and/or with your family.  The following are some ideas.

  • Google a list of card games and choose one to learn.
  • Go on Amazon and explore all their board games. Purchase a new one to play.
  • Google a list of games to play with your family.

Friday/Saturday Night Special Family Events
(for those living in your house or connect others through technology)

You can create an agenda for the month with a special event for every weekend.  You or someone from your family could plan the event.  Or you could go online with your friends and plan these events.  The following are event ideas: (social distance rules apply)!

  • Put on a play.
  • Host a musical concert where every person must perform by singing or playing an instrument.
  • Listen to ghost stories.
  • Host a “Who Done It” murder dinner.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Scavenger Hunt.
  • Listen to ghost stories.
  • Family Dance Party.

Read for Pleasure and/or Work 

This is a wonderful time to set aside time to read for pleasure or work.  Write down a list of books you would like to read every month.  Then go in a comfortable place and relax and read.  This will help your mind and spirit and body.  If you have children at home you might think about having a family reading time where every person retreats to their “special place” and reads.


I hope the above list gives you some ideas on how you can live a new, wonderful life.  It may open up a new way of living that is exciting and rewarding.  Also, it gives you some tools and ideas on how to cope in our changing world.


We all have different ways of coping with change and difficult times.  If you need someone to talk with, or if you would like some guidance on how to keep moving forward during these difficult times, please click the button below to schedule a 30 -minute complimentary Success Coaching with me.

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