Caterpillars cannot fly unless they change into a new form, a butterfly.  They must literally stop and build a cocoon around themselves.  Then their existing form morphs into a new form, the butterfly.  Next, the butterfly must work hard by flapping its wings to emerge from the cocoon shell.  Finally, the butterfly is free and can fly!
If you want to fly like a butterfly you must be willing to go through many changes throughout your years.  Otherwise, you will stay on the ground like a caterpillar and wonder why you are not flying.  You, the entrepreneur, must continually adapt, grow, and change to take your business to soaring heights.  The skills that got you to your current level of success will not be the skills you need to get you to the next level of success.  In fact, you need to change your current thinking in order to reach the next level.  If change does not occur, you will not reach the next level.
Here is an example:  a Financial Advisor/Rep is brought into the business and taught that he/she had to do all the following to be success:  phone and schedule appointments, go on appointments, get referrals, design case prep, call referrals, answer client’s sophisticated questions, write their business plan an track their numbers.  That is the initial formula for success.
But, the second phase for success will involve new skills:  writing a business model with staff and/or partners, hiring staff, training new staff, managing staff, writing an Employee Manual, writing a Systems Manual, designing a Marketing Plan etc. etc.  These are skills that most people have never learned and/or mastered.
This is where many Financial Advisors/Reps stop growing and start to get frustrated and overwhelmed.  They continue to do EVERYTHING themselves and get overwhelmed.  Their business has grown and is too big for one person to manage.  They must learn how to run a business in order to grow.  They must hire, train and manage staff.  They must implement Systems.
This growth and new thinking is hard.  It involves learning to change the way you have done things for years.  It involves giving up control and trusting your staff, and learning how to become a great leader.

For your business to grow YOU MUST CHANGE

Solo entrepreneurs are limited by time and they have no leverage.  They tend to work hard and long hours.  They feel more exhausted as their business grows and they are managing every aspect of their business.  They feel like they working too hard for the money they are making and the time they are spending in their business.  Their fatal flaw is trying to do it alone, the way they started.  They must change their thinking in order to grow or else they will stay alone, tired, and broke.

Are you willing to change?

Are you willing to adapt to the thinking and strategies and learning that must occur for your business to fly?

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