Success starts with Desire! What do you want?

Did you wake up today with a BIG PASSION and a BIG DESIRE for 2021? Do you have a goal that makes the palms of your hands sweat and your heart beat fast? If not, then you are missing the key element to achieving your business goals in 2021.

If you have written your 2021 business plan with revenue, projected quarterly income, new clients, lives, projected premium and/or AUM and activity goals, etc. but you do NOT have a big personal WHY…then you are missing the “sweet element” of success.

Your WHY will get you up at 3am in the morning with a smile and a purpose.

Your WHY will allow you to get up when you fall down.

Your WHY will make you pick up the phone again after a prospect tells you he/she is not interested in speaking with you.

Please do not tell me, “Andrea, I am already “living the dream.” You see, if you are already “living the dream” then you are living yesterday’s dream. The question you need to ask yourself is:

What is your NEW DREAM?

What comes next in your life?

Here’s the biggest secret to success that you need to understand and know:

YOUR DREAM will allow you to continuously take enthusiastic action every day. This is what separates the wildly successful from the not so successful.

When you have a dream and a BIG DESIRE then you have the key element to taking action and getting up when you fall down. You have the key element to stop being “bored” in your business. You have the key element to stopping your own procrastination.

When you are enthusiastically waking up every day and thinking about your DREAM for your life, it is then—and only then—that wild success can occur. Please take time to figure out your DREAM…the possibilities for your life. When you uncover your desires then growing your business will become fun and easy.


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