A White Person Model with Red Question Mark Model

A Powerful Referral Strategy. It’s not what you think…

Referrals is still the #1 method to grow a wealth management practice.  Therefore, mastering the skill of asking for Referrals ...
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View of Road From a Steering Wheel

A “Blind Spot” That May Be Preventing You From Receiving Referrals

 Blind spots are those things we cannot see in our life.  In business we would be wise to understand and ...
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Happy Valentines Day Dog Holding a Rose Poster

Are you still “in love” with your business?

When you first became a Financial Advisor/Rep you had BIG DREAMS!  You dreamed of helping clients with their financial plans ...
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3 Critical Keys to Leading A High Performing Team

It’s Super Bowl time! It’s so much fun to watch these high performing teams who play with desire, focus, passion ...
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A Woman Jumping on Road With Desert Land on Either Sides

Success starts with Desire! What do you want?

Did you wake up today with a BIG PASSION and a BIG DESIRE for 2021? Do you have a goal that makes the palms ...
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Team With Hands Together

How to “Up level” Your Team/Staff’s Performance

I enjoy watching football this time of year because players are bringing their “A” game to the field. WHY? Because ...
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Winston Churchill Statue

Never give in, Never, Never, Never”…1941, Winston Churchill

IT IS YOUR TIME TO LEAD…2020 There are times in our life when world events occur that can change the ...
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A Owl With Rising Wings

The Power of Focus

SUCCESS STRATEGIES OF WARREN BUFFET AND STEVE JOBS AND BILL GATES We are in the technology age where information is ...
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Andrea Bullard & Company


Technology is changing both our personal and business worlds.  It is changing how we do business and communicate.  We must ...
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Andrea Bullard & Company


Pixabay dream 2924176 640 Most independent Financial Advisors/Reps and entrepreneurs started their business with a Dream.  The Dream made them ...
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