The One Critical Factor You Must Analyze To Scale Your Wealth Management Practice To Multiple 6-7 Figures

Growing a wealth management practice to multiple 6-7 figures is not a simple task.  Many Wealth Management Advisors have tried and failed; or tried and are stuck earning 6 figures but are feeling overworked and underpaid.  Many of you are on this path and working hard with the hopes of building a practice that will give you both financial and time freedom.  But without the experienced coaching too many will build through trial and error and/or stop because they are exhausted.  Maybe that is you…if so please continue to read.

Why do some make it and others fail?  Is it skill?  Is it luck?

Maybe you are thinking…I just need more “A” clients and then I will make it.  That is a statement I frequently hear from Financial Advisors.  So, let’s assume that is the solution.  If a team of specialists would schedule 5 appointments every day for you, and 3 of these appointments were “A” prospects, then you would have 25 appointments per week and 15 “A” prospect meetings per week.  If this team were to continue to schedule these numbers every week for 3 months, could you handle the volume of work?  Many of you are probably feeling overwhelmed by the thought of this type of activity.  And many of you could NOT handle seeing 15 new “A” prospects every week that would generate NEW “A” CLIENTS. 

Yes, I agree you need and want new “A” clients but you need to understand the critical factor that will help you scale your business so you can see 15 “A” prospects per week. 

The critical factor is TIME.  When you are building your practice to multiple 6-7 figures you need to build your business, so you ONLY do one thing during the day…SEE PEOPLE.  Your TIME is spent only seeing people and doing nothing else. That means you do not do case notes, or answer client questions or schedule client review meetings or call referrals or do case prep work or train Leader Advisors or delegate work to your team or train team members, etc. etc.   

The skill of building your business is to value YOUR TIME.  You want to build your business, so you ONLY see people.  The Egocentric Model where your team “assists you” and you are the center of your business running and managing every aspect will keep you stuck and broke.  Your TIME will be spent delegating, phoning, solving problems, emailing clients, gathering documents, doing case prep, and dealing with tech issues. 



“In one word, my experience with Andrea Bullard has been TRANSFORMATIVE. After 14 years of practicing as a sole advisor operation, I started working with Coach Bullard. After 1 year, my revenue has doubled and I am the owner of Green Arrow Financial, a premier financial planning boutique, with 3 Wealth Management Advisors on board. Andrea has not only helped me to be highly selective in how I grow my team, but she has helped me shape our team into “hybrid advisors” – with a playbook on how to lead my team into becoming highly productive, both defensively and offensively. Andrea’s systems work for ALL players on our team because, simply put, everyone wins with this model!”

Randolph Shingler, CFP®Wealth Management Advisor

Green Arrow Financial

Washington, DC



I have helped hundreds of Financial Advisors, just like you, build and scale their business.  You do not have to go through Trial and Error.  You do not have to get exhausted by trying to build systems and learn how to lead a team that takes “ownership of the business.”   Let me help you quickly get to the point in your business where you ONLY SEE PEOPLE.


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