One of the critical elements to building a

cohesive, collaborative Financial Service Team

Great Team Members are critical to growing a successful Financial Service Team.  If you have a revolving door of Team Members you will be in the business of hiring, firing and training.  Also, your business can become a nightmare when your team is fighting, working solo at their desks and not communicating with each other. This atmosphere is toxic and blocks the collaborative thinking that will drive your business to the next level. Getting your Team to work together, collaborate and working towards a common goal is key to a Financial Advisor/Rep building a business that will give him/her time freedom, more money and happiness.

So where do you start?

I am going to address three key elements in my upcoming newsletters that you need for building a successful Financial Service Team:  YOUR VISION, A HIRING SYSTEM, AND LEADERSHIP.   Today I will start with Part 1, your first step, Your Vision.


What type of team are you building?

Hiring the right Team Members starts with your Vision.  You must know exactly what type of company atmosphere and team you are building.  There is no right or wrong to your Vision.  But, when you are not clear on WHAT type of team and company you want to build, then you may hire the wrong people.  Potential hires may be highly likable and smart, but are lacking the skills necessary to be a team player. Or you may hire individuals who leave exactly at 5pm and come to work for a “paycheck” when you are looking for individuals who will take “ownership” of the business and work collaboratively for a common goal.


You first must decide what type of company you are building.  There is no “right” or “wrong” to this answer.  Here are some questions that should help you in writing your Company Vision:

  1. Do you want Team Members to do their jobs, get paid well and leave at 5pm?
  2. Do you want Team Members who get paid salary plus bonus?  Are these Team Members allowed to leave at 5pm or do you expect them to stay later?
  3. Do you want a “Team” atmosphere or do you want Team Members who work solo in their areas of expertise?
  4. Can you describe precisely your concept of a “Team” atmosphere?
    1. We are a family.
    2. We a are business of “A Team Members.”
    3. We all work towards one common goal and then celebrate.
    4. We all go out together socially.
    5. We all talk, laugh and have a fun time at the office.
    6. We work towards a common goal, celebrate that goal but our private lives are private.
    7. We work towards a common goal at work but do not socialize after work.
  5. Describe “in detail” your ideal Team Member:Do you expect your Team Members to get licenses over time?  What licenses?
    1. Dress
    2. Education
    3. Personality
    4. Drive
    5. Etc.
  6. Do you expect your Team Members to continue to take courses over time?  What courses?
  7. Do you have a Director of Operations?
  8. Do you have a Director of Human Resources?
  9. Who leads your Team meetings?  What is their personality?
  10. What is the ideal personality to work with you?  What type of people keep you motivated and happy?
  11. What is the ideal personality to work with you?  What type of people keep you motivated and happy?
  12. What type of people do you want to avoid at all costs?
  13. Describe your company atmosphere.
  14. Describe your physical office.
  15. Describe your Team’s physical offices.
  16. Describe your Conference rooms.


As I am finishing writing The Turn-Key Collection and creating programs for you, I would like to better understand your needs and concerns. Would you please answer a few questions and give me your thoughts. I promise you it will be real short

Also, as a “thank you” I will give you The Turn-Key Hiring System booklet.

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